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Triceratops Earrings

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Dinosaur earrings simulating to be bitting your ear. Cute design of Triceratops earrings. Available in blue, pink and orange to choose from.

Dinosaur Earrings

Adorable dinosaur earrings inspired by cute dinosaurs that simulate biting your ears in a very endearing way. They are easy, comfortable and very light to wear.

Discover these cute dinosaur bite earrings

In this section you can find many colors and types of cute dinosaur earrings, mostly ear eating dinosaur earrings. They simulate biting your ears due to their Jurassic instincts. But don't worry, because they are very comfortable and light to wear.

These clay dinosaur earrings are suitable for sensitive skin. The metal base of the earrings is made of anti-allergic stainless steel with your well-being in mind.

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